40 Under 40 Nominations

Nominations Now Open!   

Last year,  the Young AFCEAN Advisory Council introduced a new Award to recognise the achievements of forty people under the age of 40 in its “40 under 40” initiative.  An  AFCEA London Chapter member was one of only two European AFCEA members to receive a 40 Under 40 award, against a field of about 120 nominees.

2018 is the “Year of the Engineer” and I would like to encourage far greater participation from AFCEA members in the UK.  The beauty of the 40 under 40 scheme is that nominees are put forward by their peers – not just at the suggestion of their local Chapter.

Nominees must be a current member of AFCEA at time of nomination.  Successful nominees will have made a “significant contribution to supporting their organisation or client through the use of information technology (IT)” or providing innovation and thought leadership in a technical “STEM” field. Nominations may be submitted by active duty military, government civilian, industry, academic peers, colleagues, and supervisors.  Award winners will be selected based on technical accomplishments in nominees’ careers.  AFCEA International’s Young AFCEAN Advisory Council will evaluate information submitted to ensure nominees meet the eligibility criteria.

If you believe that you have a colleague, friend, or subordinate who deserves to be given due recognition for their skills or contribution, in line with the published criteria, please don’t hold back and nominatethem!     Nominations close on 14th February 2018