AFCEA London – Nov 2018 – Tony Wheeler – Director Defence Sector, LUCIAD / Hexagon Geospatial

Thu 01 Nov 18 @ 18:00 – 21:00
Naval Club
38 Hill Street
London. W1J 5NS
Chris Yorke
AFCEA London - Nov 2018 - Tony Wheeler - Director Defence Sector, LUCIAD / Hexagon Geospatial @ Naval Club | London | England | United Kingdom

Tony Wheeler – Director Defence Sector, LUCIAD / Hexagon Geospatial

Defence objectives surrounding NEC have been too focused upon the network: the consequent deployment of networked C4ISR capability has been slow to say the least.  Now, as we move towards an era of 5th generation fighters and dreamed of ISR products we need geospatial capability that can cope with the dynamic and big data of military operations that are fed by a sensor-rich battlefield.

This presentation will discuss how modern powerful standards-based systems can now provide the warfighter with interoperable, stunning and timely map-based displays.  Techniques and modern tools that can significantly enhance understanding and deliver powerful controls to enable Assistive Visual Analysis will be demonstrated.  Relevant lessons from operations will be drawn upon to highlight key points.

Tony Wheeler, the Director Defence Sector for Hexagon, is a retired RAF Wing Commander pilot and C4ISR expert, with relevant operational experience from the conflicts in Libya and Afghanistan.  After an initial career flying fighters and as a pilot instructor, he went on to specialise in C2 systems and established the UK MOD C2 Battlelab (C2BL).  Whilst there, he led the team helping to optimise the Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) that described how to exploit the C4ISR systems available for British forces in ISAF: this work helped inform the Afghan Mission Network (AMN) efforts.

During the time at the C2BL he was involved in the development of many C4ISR systems and led a major capability upgrade of the NATO Integrated Command and Control (ICC) system to add powerful easy to use COP capability.  During a subsequent tour in Afghanistan he led the project to connect this new ICC COP to many networked C4ISR services and went on to deploy ICC COP capability across ISAF.

Tony now supports the development of Luciad geospatial products that have for years been embedded in many NATO and national C4ISR systems to support the warfighter.

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